Monthly Contracts With Online50 The Work Anywhere Company

Monthly Contracts

Using Ambition Enterprise including SAP Business One with Online50 is a true pay as you use model.  You are not held to a long term contract, instead there’s a fee payable to have the service made available to you within a calendar month.  How much or how little you use it is up to you.  And if you don’t need to use it anymore, or if you want to reduce the size of your service you can serve notice at any time.  We only ask you for a calendar month’s notice as we bill by calendar month.

This allows you to scale the costs of your system with your use.

Although many other systems claim to be ‘pay as you use’ many of them will require you to have an annual contract, or will not allow you to reduce the size of your licenses.

We can offer the most flexible terms for a service including SAP Business One because we are an OEM partner of SAP, we’re not simply a standard reseller.

Simply Good Business

Unlike a traditional implementor of business software systems that makes most of their profits from charging for implementation and consultancy, we make money by keeping happy users over the long term.  Because of this we have taken steps to align our business goals with yours.  Calendar monthly contracts is part of that, but it doesn’t stop there.

Menu Pricing

We allow you to receive, and pay for, the service you need, rather than provide a bundle of services which includes (and charges for) service elements you may not need.

Data portability

Unlike software which you can only use online, we provide systems that use software you can choose to use online or offline.  If your needs change you can setup any inhouse IT infrastructure you may need and bring your data and software in-house.  We don’t make it difficult for you to leave, which gives us an incentive to keep you happy so that you stay.

7 minute SLA

We design our systems to meet a performance and availbility target.  Part of that is designing in the highest levels of availabilty so you should never have a servcie outage.  And if you do, we design our systems for automatic failover and recovery so no outage should be longer than 7 minutes.  And if there is a problem we don’t have a long list of exclusions, we stipulate what you’re entitled to.