What Is Ambition Forms? System Components

What is Ambition Forms?

Ambition Forms provides a way of capturing and working with data held in your business software without having to be able to access the business software.  Included with your subscription to Ambition Enterprise is licensing for SAP Business One, and there is a connector to allow Ambition Forms to access and interact with the data held in SAP Business One.  This gives you powerful and scalable business software and a way to extend your use of that software in more flexible and scalable ways than ever before.


As organisations adopt more flexible approaches to the way they work, they need a technical infrastructure that helps them to work the way they want to, not the way their software expects them to.  Ambition Forms extends the flexibility available to customers by empowering them to work with the data in their business systems without the restrictions of having to be able to access their business systems.

By using the Internet for securely routing your business data between users, we can provide a system which can extend your business processes to authorised individauls working anywhere in the world, without increasing your need for full ERP licenses.  This combination provides you with all the information handling capabilities that are built into SAP Business One, and a controlled way to route information between users outside the core SAP Business One systems.

Ambition Enterprise Suite

The whole Ambition Enterprise Suite is provided and licensed by Online50 as a fully managed hosted service.  Because it runs in 'the Cloud' you don't need to provide servers or employ system administrators, we look after all of the infrastructure required.  We even provide a Fast Track implementation service to make it as easy as possible for you to switch to Ambition Enterprise.

Designed in Security and Scalability

Ambition Forms has been designed from the ground up by Online50 Limited, a company specialising in hosted information systems and accredited to the International Standard for Information Security

With features like 'Inside Out Access Control', built in document routing and fully customisable user objects (forms), Ambition Forms can help you extend the ways in which you use the information in your core business information system.