Why Use Ambition Enterprise including SAP Business One

Why Use Ambition Enterprise?

There are lots of different business information systems available, so why should you consider using Ambition Enterprise including SAP Business One?  The key reasons are because it’s a powerful and scalable system (so it can grow with you) and it’s available for a great value monthly subscription (so it doesn't cost a huge amount to start using it).

Do You Want A System That Gives You:

  • Real time, accurate, readily available, meaningful business information
  • Efficient handling of all your business processes in one place
  • A single system that can start small and grow with you
  • Convenient access using iPads or Android tablets to extend your reach
  • Freedom to work simply across multiple offices or warehouses
  • Flexibility to both expand and contract as your business evolves over time
  • Simple per user per month great value costs that reflect your needs
  • Support for international operations, with multiple countires, currencies and languages
  • The ability to work with Excel, but doesn’t force you to work in Excel

If you do then Ambition Enterprise including SAP Business One will be a great solution for you.  Here are some of the common drivers for adopting the system:


So just how scalable is it?

The SAP Business One component provides a broad range of features.  You probably won't need all of them just yet, but they are available to you as you continue to grow.  You can start using the system with just a single user, knowing that SAP Business One can scale to support more than 100 simultaneous users.

We selected SAP Business One as the core processing component of Ambition Enterprise Suite because it is a sytem that can give you more as you grow.

Future Proofing

As your business grows you will find that you need more from your business systems: processing more transactions, providing more analysis, supporting more users, handling more processes, storing more data, accessed in more languages, compliant in more countries ... you just need more.  With most business software you find that you have outgrown your software and you then face the choice of having the disruption and cost of moving to a new system, or making do with one that's no longer a good fit for you.  What we've found with SAP Business One is that the system can grow with you ... when you need more, it can give you more.

Comprehensive Features

There are lots of features in SAP Business One that can be a compelling reason to switch, but the top features that we have found for growing businesses deciding to make the switch are:

  • Outstanding international features
  • Stock Tracking
  • Outsourced Stock Management
  • Flexible analysis
  • Easy Integration
  • Flexible Processes

Customer Successes

At the core of Ambition Enterprise is SAP Business One, and it's used in 150 countries around the world.  Unlike software that's aimed for a specific geographic target market, SAP Business One has been designed to adapt to the changing needs of its customers and support them as they operate around the world.

And it shows.

It shows in the capabilites of the software and the success of the businesses with the foresight to have chosen it.

Are you ready to join them?