Ambition Forms Features

Ambition Forms provides extended workflow and process customisation in Ambition Enterprise

Customised Forms

Define new data classes and extend existing ones to suit the needs of your business processes.

Built in Routing

Define automatic routing for a process or attach any data object to a routing slip.

Inside Out Access Control

Designed for maximum security, have complete control over who can do what to each object.

Connected Systems

Connect to data in other systems with full synchronisation or import/export.

Beyond Boundaries

Authorised users of Forms do not need to be ERP users and may not be employed directly by you.

Cost Effective

By optimising ERP license costs and streamlining processes, Ambition Forms can deliver savings.

Next steps

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Transform your business

To maximise the benefits Ambition Enterprise with SAP Business One will bring to your organisation, engage in a review of your business neeeds with us.

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