Features of:

Core stock control functionality

Products In Warehouse

Multiple stock locations

You can setup multiple warehouses which can be used flexibly as warehouses under your company but also at customer and supplier sites.  Easily track where your stock is with the stock by warehouse report!

Ideal for: Companies with country wide distribution channels.

International Trading

Pack sizes and pricing

SAP has functionality for stock unit of measure so you can track the same product in multiple pack sizes i.e. 6 pack, pallet, KGs etc.  For each of these pack sizes you can give a discount compared to the individual item cost.

Ideal for: Companies that do a mixture of retail sales and business to business sales.

Pack Sizes

Multiple valuation strategies

There are a variety of popular stock valuation methods to choose from including moving average, FIFO and standard.  Also if batch tracking is using then the valuation can be based on each individual batch.

Ideal for: Companies that sell different ranges of products that need to be valued differently.

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