Features of:

Core international trading functionality

Multiple Currencies

Multiple currency accounts

Instead of having to manage seperate foreign currency accounts you can have accounts which run for all currencies including customers, suppliers & nominal accounts.  The system supports an unlimited number of currencies.  Each account can be set to local, foreign or all currencies.

Ideal for: Companies offering goods and service for sale in different currencies who want to invoices to be in different currencies for the same customer or supplier.  Allowing customers or suppliers to change currency.

International Trading

Dual currency Nominal Ledger

In SAP Business One the Nominal Ledger maintains balances in two currencies, called the local currency and system currency.  Nominal accounts will always balance in both the local and system currency.  Companies which are part of a group can set all companies in the group to have the ssame system currency for consisitent reporting.

Ideal for: Reporting in different companies, so each company reports in a common system currency.  Consolidation - every subsidiary has a trial blance in the system currency.

International Trading

FX gain/loss tracking

Transactions in foreign currencies that are not settled immediately may have a different value in local currency when they are settled.  SAP Business One automatically tracks the local and system currency equivalent of foreign currency transactions, and when they are settled any difference is automatically recognised as a foreign exchange gain or loss.  Outstanding credit can be revalued, spot and period rates are supported.

Ideal for: companies that give or take credit in foreign currencies.

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