Features of:

Core batch tracking functionality

Scanning Product Carton

Granular visibility of batches

Get a granular view of your batches from when they were recorded into stock, when they went out of stock and every movement in between.

Ideal for: Companies in the food industry that need to know exactly where the food has been in case an emergency recall is ever required.

Product Visibility

Get a full audit trail of any batch

You can get full visibility of any batch using the batch audit trail and you can see every action the batch has been recorded on and trace where the product has been.

Ideal for: Companies that have stock that moves between different warehouses.

Best Before 2021

Record a range of batch details

There’s a range of fields to record any batch details including locations, manufacturer and expiry date.  If the standard fields are not enough we can add more to suit your needs.

Ideal for: Companies in the medical industry where stock is tracked and has expiry dates.

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