Features of:

Core finance functionality

Cost Centres

Cost centres

Track revenues for multiple cost centres to get a view of how the business is performing by designated cost centre.  The system also supports distribution rules which can be used to post a value to multiple cost centres (for example to apportion overhead costs).  You can require cost centres to be provided for certain nominal (general) ledger accounts..

Ideal for: Companies with multiple different revenue streams


Multiple dimensions of analysis

You can have up to 5 dimensions of analysis, each with multple cost centres.  You can then 'slice and dice' your financial data according to the dimensions you have created for more in depth information.  You can also setup segmented accounts and use a custom chart of accounts for further financial reporting.

Ideal for: Companies who want more in depth reporting of how their company is performing in different areas.


Reconciliations on any account

Any account can have transactions matched against each other.  As well as customers and suppliers you can reconciel nominal (general) ledger accounts such as prepayments or accruals.  Reconciliations on customer and supplier accounts will occur automatically when following the appropriate document flow but can also be manually reconciled.

Ideal for: Tracking prepayments, accruals and partially paid transactions.

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