Why do I need an Implementation?

When changing your business systems from a finance software to a more integrated system, you must be aware of the process implications of the new system.   It is important that you know how the system is setup to fit your businesses unique processes.   This means understanding the functionality, work flow processes, reporting principles, analytics, add-ons, customisations, etc of the application.   The more you know about your system and how changes can affect it, the less risk you face when upgrading.

With Ambition Accelerator, we have developed a fast track implementation process for a pre-defined package of Ambition Forms and SAP Business One.   Due to our in 'the Cloud' deployment, we can control many of the factors which can influence the time length of a standard implementation, and therefore offer a much enhanced proposition.

Fast Track Implementation

We have developed a methodology that allows us to rapidly deploy a system for you within certain parameters.   If your needs fit the scope of our Fast Track Implmentation (which will be very likely for deployments of up to 5 users) then you benefit from a fixed cost deployment that could complete in a matter of days and at a fixed cost.   Typically deployments take longer than this as your own staff need to be involved.

Our implementation process includes project scoping, system design, online training, change management & long term support for the system and 'the cloud' hosting.  We can adapt our processes to fit your needs, and we offer varying levels of customisation as required by our customers.

We realise that the biggest impact of the new system will be dependent on the investment of the users, and we endeavour to work to bring comfort to those who will be the front line users of the system.

The 4 types of implementation

Parallel Conversion

Parallel Conversion

A type of conversion in which both new and old systems operate together for a period of time is called parallel conversion.  It is the safest type of conversion.  The results of both systems are compared.  The old system can be used until any problems in the new system are removed.

Pilot Conversion

Pilot Conversion

In this type of conversion, one part of the organisation uses the new system and the rest of the organisation uses the old system.  When one part of the organization is satisfied with the new system, the rest of the organisation starts using it.

Phased Conversion

Phased conversion

A type of conversion in which individual components of new system are implemented one by one is called phased conversion.  Different departments allocate time towards to the implementation when the features that relate to them are being implemented, and different parts fo the company will go live at different times.

Direct Conversion

Direct conversion

In this type of conversion, the old system is directly replaced by the new system.  It is the most risky conversion.  It may be necessary when time is very short or when users need to given an implementation finish date.  It is sometimes called crash conversion.  Smaller companies with less complex processes and requirements often use this approach.

Next steps

Start small and grow

Our Fast-Track implementation allows you to get started with Ambition Enterprise including SAP Business One with minimal investment of your time and effort.

Transform your business

To maximise the benefits Ambition Enterprise with SAP Business One will bring to your organisation, engage in a review of your business neeeds with us.

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