Features of:

Core production functionality


Multi level BoMs

Use multi level BoMs to effortlessly create stock which requires multiple component parts which themselves may require assembly. Choose from a variety of different BoMs such as production, sales and assembly BoMs.

Ideal for: Companies with products or packages which require assembly of multiple component parts

Production Orders

Production Orders

SAP has a production process which is fully integrated and efficient. SAP supports multiple production order types, backflush and manual issue methods and multiple production cost methods.

Ideal for: Companies that wish to integrate their sales process with their production process

Plan Requirements

Plan requirements

Resource capacity planning can be used to setup scheduling and forecast production leading to shorter lead times and a reduction in human error. Setup by inputting daily capacity of resources such as machines, labour and other equipment.

Ideal for: Companies which use machinery as part of their production process to maximise efficiency

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