Derek Thompson (Warehouse Manager) User Story

Controlling Stock Better With Less Stress

Derek Thompson (Warehouse Manager)

Before ...

“We used to manage coffee batches and machine serial numbers on an unsupported and buggy Access database.  We couldn’t easily track our different pack sizes for the same blends and often had to manually check if we had enough stock to fulfil orders.  We also often found we weren’t shipping the oldest coffee first.

“We seemed to have an endless stream of queries over the phone or by email from sales, production and accounts.  We were drowning ... and we weren’t getting our coffee breaks ...”

... And After

“We are now able to detail coffee batches and machine serial numbers in the core system.  We can also review our current batch status and history with user friendly integrated reports.

“We have opted to use the system to record where we have stored our coffee by batch so it’s easy to pick the correct blend and pack size and now we use up the stock in right order.  We’ve reduced wastage and we are working hand in hand with production to ensure that we maintain the right stock levels.

“Getting the coffee under control has also allowed us to better organise the machine spares and maintenance in the warehouse.  We have organised maintenance ‘kits’ for each of our manufacturers so the service guys can be given just what they need for the jobs they have on.  With better use of space in the warehouse and the vans there’s now talk of expanding the product range.

“Stock movement and stock levels are now visible to everybody who needs them, so the queries from other departments have dried up.  Instead of drowning we’re getting more done but feeling more relaxed.  Oh, and we all get our coffee breaks now!”

Derek’s key parts of the system:

Batch Tracking

allows the coffee batches to be properly tracked.

Units of Measure

allows the same product to be stocked and sold in various pack sizes.

Bin Locations

allows stock to be recorded by location in the warehouse.

Stock Availability

including expected dates, available to promise etc.

Pick and Pack

allows rapid pick lists with optional packing.

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