Laura Wilson (Customer) User Story

Reliable Service Give Me Happy Customers

Laura Wilson (Customer)

Before ...

“As a small artisan coffee house, we started using the services of Cafeteria Coffee 6 months ago.  In the past we were taking delivery of our coffee from one supplier and our coffee machines were serviced and maintained by another.  Our biggest issue was the servicing of our coffee machines.  The previous company didn’t appear to have a ‘joined-up’ system which meant that regular servicing wasn’t scheduled properly and maintenance callouts were unreliable.  Communication was shoddy and the net result for us was that we lost valued customers.”

... And After

“A close friend of mine recommended that I speak to Cafeteria Coffee and immediately I saw why.  From the start we could see that everyone appeared to be ‘singing from the same hymn sheet’

“Our account manager always has any information I require at her fingertips.  We have a regular maintenance schedule in place and engineers are always here when they are due and we have not had any downtime.  Because we are also now ordering our coffee supplies from Cafeteria Coffee, we never run out of our customers’ favourites.  Unlike before I’m never told that particular blends are not available, delivery is always prompt and the orders correct.  When Amanda our account manager calls in she can tell us instantly what stock and availability they have.  We now receive one monthly invoice which contains our coffee, machine maintenance and our regular servicing.  Cafeteria Coffee is even able to send us regular reports detailing which coffees we are buying most of and if there are special offers we are always the first to hear about them.   In short, since changing to Cafeteria Coffee I feel more in control of my business and I can rely on them to ensure my customers always have their favourite cup of coffee in their favourite coffee house.”

Laura’s key parts of the system:

Joined Up Working

everbody at Cafeteria Coffee is ‘on the same page’.

Reliable Service

which keeps her coffee machines operational.

On-Time Delivery

so she always has the blends her customers want.

Consolidated Invoicing

which simplifies Laura’s administration

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